srijeda, 28. travnja 2010.

Traditional British pudding-Daring Bakers Challenge, April 2010

 This month Daring Bakers Challenge was hosted by  Esther from The Liliac Kitchen and the challenge was Traditional British Pudding. This was my very first challenge and I was really very excited to see what the challenge was.When I first So it I was really eager to do it but than I started to read recipe I got scared a bit how am I going to do it.I don t even own pudding bowl.Than I calmed my self down I realized that  I can do it.
Do you remember Jamie Oliver.Few years back he was really popular here in Croatia.I think his show was on on saturdays and I loved watching him. He is probably the one to blame for my obsession for baking.Anyway I remembered he was making English pudding precisely Spotted Dick.I wanted to try recipe beck than but I just can t remember why I didn t. But I loved the name of the recipe so when I saw that Spotted Dick was an option for this month challenge I decided to go for it.There were only two problems in the recipe;Suet cause I couldn t get hold of it and the raisins because I don t like them.But it was quickly solved; instead of suet I used vegetable fat and instead of raisins I used cranberrys. The recipe was great and there were no problems making the pudding. It was actually easier Than I thought it would be.But to tell you the truth I wasn t all that excited about the result.It was o.k. but I don t think I will be making it again any time soon.


100 g all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1,5 teaspoon baking powder
100 g breadcrumbs
75 g sugar
75 g vegetable fat
1 egg
6 to 8 tablespoons cold milk
75 g cranberrys
Sift flour,salt and baking powder into bowl.Add breadcrumbs,sugar and vegetable fat.mix to a soft batter with beaten egg and milk and add cranberrys.Turn into a buttered 1 litre pudding basin and cover with buttered aluminium foil.Steam for 3 hours.Turn out on plate and serve with some whiped cream.

4 komentara:

  1. OHO! :) Ti odmah u Daring Bakerse :)
    Super ti je ispao, iako mene taj pjegavi Dick 'opće ne privlači ;), ja sam nekak zagrizla u ove slane :)

  2. Hello and welcome to the Daring Bakers' and congratulations on your first successful challenge. I hope you have many happy experiences with us.

    Spotted dick with cranberries that is a brilliant idea and your final pudding is wonderful looking. Well done on this challenge.

    Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.

  3. Welcome to daring bakers! I too made a spotted dick pudding and wasn't too impressed with the flavor, it was a bit bland. Nice job on the challenge!